After an incredible year following the release of our first album which included playing shows and festivals from the Canadian border to southern New Jersey, teaching people about the Chapman Stick at a conservatory music program and receiving attention on the album from around the world, we've written our second album and are gearing up to record it.  We've just dropped a new single called "Whole Body Headbang" that you can check out in the link above. This is a great example of the quality that we'll be working at, however studios can get expensive.  So to see this through, we've launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund the recording process.  We've got awesome reward for your contributions and we're working with a great team to help make this happen.  This is a tremendously exciting time for us,  and we can't wait to share our new album with you!

The Band


GEPH is an instrumental progressive jazz metal trio riding the very cutting edge of contemporary music. With Josh Goldberg and John Tyler Kent on Chapman Stick, and Josh Merhar on drums, the three of them sound as big as a five-piece, and work to expand the modern conceptions of arranging and composing in a heavy, intense and still succinctly musical format.


Chapman Stick | Josh Goldberg
Drums | Josh Merhar
Chapman Stick | John Tyler Kent