Apophenia coming spring 2018


With our campaign to raise nearly $10k successful, and the resulting album "Apophenia" set to release in the spring of 2018, we are taking our music on tour for the first time.  We'll be joining our Philly friends In The Presence Of Wolves as we head south and west:


3/2 - Baltimore MD

3/3- Charlotte NC

3/4 - Asheville NC

3/6 - Nashville TN

3/7 - Dayton OH

3/8 - Akron OH

3/9 - New Brunswick NJ

3/10 - Philadelphia PA


The Band


GEPH is an instrumental progressive jazz metal trio riding the very cutting edge of contemporary music. With Josh Goldberg and John Tyler Kent on Chapman Stick, and Josh Merhar on drums, the three of them sound as big as a five-piece, and work to expand the modern conceptions of arranging and composing in a heavy, intense and still succinctly musical format.


Chapman Stick | Josh Goldberg
Drums | Josh Merhar
Chapman Stick | John Tyler Kent